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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chromosome Painting - Eurogenes K11

Here is an example of Chromosome Painting with my Grandmother's DNA using Eurogenes K11 at Gedmatch.  I think it is pretty representative of most Palestinian Christians. You can see the dominant Caucasus color with other ancestry mixed in.  

Population Descriptions:

South Asian - South India
Caucasus - Georgia
Southwest Asian - Bedouin
North Amerindian + Arctic - Northwest America
Siberian - Central Siberia
Mediterranean - Sardinia
East Asian - Eastern China
West African - Nigeria

Volga-Ural - Western Volga
South Baltic - Lithuania
North Atlantic - Ireland

You can also see here the strong Mediterranean genes left by the Greeks and Romans! Clearly the Southwest Asian (Arab)and North Atlantic European genes are evident.  Still the overriding ancestry is Caucasus, which represents native roots in the Levant.  It's pretty amazing to see it in color.

Here is my Grandfather's results with the same calculator. You will notice minor differences.

Does my Grandfather look like he has more admixture than my Grandmother?  To me it looks like more Mediterranean and a little more Volga-Ural.  

To give a last example of someone who is 1/2 Palestinian, my results are below.  My other 1/2 is Colonial American (English, Dutch, German, French) and British.

Look at all those colors!  You can certainly tell it apart from those who are 100% Palestinian. 

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