Follow along as I post results and interpretations of various DNA tests conducted on my Palestinian Christian family members. For a condensed version, read the Summary page for key findings. For more in-depth review, the other pages & blog posts will offer detailed and specific information. Use the labels to find posts relating to the Pages above or family surnames. Feel free to contact me at holylanddna@gmail.com. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Volunteers Needed!

As I continue to work on the results of my grandparents, great-uncle, and father, it becomes clear that we need more DNA samples of the natives of Beit Sahour, in particular, but Palestinian Christians in general. The only way to confirm our oral histories is by DNA and so far they look accurate!  DNA testing also shows us how families are related to each other without the help of female maiden names.  We can find out who our ancient paternal and maternal ancestors were and where they came from.  It really is a fascinating study about the people of Palestine and their long-standing history in the land.  I just updated the Participate! page which outlines the different tests and explains what we are looking for.  If you have any interest in helping the project, please contact me for more information.

Monday, August 25, 2014

New AncestryDNA Results

I took advantage of a recent sale at AncestryDNA to get my father tested.  My expectations were low because this is a US only test and I figured the number of matches he would have there would be very small. I was pleasantly surprised that he received 25 pages of matches (compared to my mother's 203 pages!). His top match is a 3rd cousin from the Rishmawi family in Honduras.  But, I was also impressed with how they calculated the ethnicity results, see below.

Ancestry gives a beautifully illustrated general history of each population.  Here are some highlights:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chromosome Painting - Eurogenes K11

Here is an example of Chromosome Painting with my Grandmother's DNA using Eurogenes K11 at Gedmatch.  I think it is pretty representative of most Palestinian Christians. You can see the dominant Caucasus color with other ancestry mixed in.  

Population Descriptions:

South Asian - South India
Caucasus - Georgia
Southwest Asian - Bedouin
North Amerindian + Arctic - Northwest America
Siberian - Central Siberia
Mediterranean - Sardinia
East Asian - Eastern China
West African - Nigeria

Volga-Ural - Western Volga
South Baltic - Lithuania
North Atlantic - Ireland