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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sample Gedmatch Admixture - Dodecad V3

As I continue to work on the pages, I thought I would share a sample ancestral mix for my grandfather. There are many different calculators that show ancestry composition, none are perfectly accurate, but they give a good overall sense of deep ancestry.  I have found that the ones at Gedmatch pull out more ancient ancestry than 23andme does.  Below are my grandfather's results from Dodecad V3 test and the corresponding oracles which show the closest references populations.  For those unfamiliar - the populations closest to 0 are the closest matches.  Everything listed is somewhat close, but the very top one of each category is the closest. This ancestry mix comes from both sides of his family- maternal & paternal lines. More information about reference populations can be found here.

Please note- anything under 1% (in this case Neo African & Northeast Asian) is considered "noise" and not actual ancestry from these areas.

Admix Results (sorted):


Single Population Sharing:

#Population (source)Distance
1Samaritians (Behar)4.45
2Lebanese (Behar)4.71
3Palestinian (HGDP)6.33
4Jordanians_19 (Behar)7.84
5Syrians (Behar)9.36
6Druze (HGDP)9.48
7Georgia_Jews (Behar)9.48
8Iraq_Jews (Behar)10.72
9Iranian_Jews (Behar)11.44
10Uzbekistan_Jews (Behar)13.54
11Azerbaijan_Jews (Behar)13.93
12Cypriots (Behar)14.19
13Morocco_Jews (Behar)14.84
14Egypt (Henn)16.58
15Sephardic_Jews (Behar)16.97
16Kurd (Xing)18.08
17Turkish (Dodecad)18.33
18Assyrian (Dodecad)18.65
19Ashkenazi (Dodecad)19.06
20Ashkenazy_Jews (Behar)20.04

Mixed Mode Population Sharing:

#Primary Population (source)Secondary Population (source)Distance
193.9%Samaritians (Behar)+6.1%Polish (Dodecad)@2.19
293.8%Samaritians (Behar)+6.2%Mixed_Slav (Dodecad)@2.24
394.2%Samaritians (Behar)+5.8%Russian (Dodecad)@2.29
492.6%Samaritians (Behar)+7.4%Hungarians (Behar)@2.31
594.5%Samaritians (Behar)+5.5%Belorussian (Behar)@2.33
694.4%Samaritians (Behar)+5.6%Russian (HGDP)@2.34
794.8%Samaritians (Behar)+5.2%Finnish (Dodecad)@2.34
895%Samaritians (Behar)+5%Lithuanians (Behar)@2.37
991.5%Samaritians (Behar)+8.5%Balkans (Dodecad)@2.41
1095.2%Samaritians (Behar)+4.8%Lithuanian (Dodecad)@2.42
1194.8%Samaritians (Behar)+5.2%FIN (1000Genomes)@2.42
1292.7%Samaritians (Behar)+7.3%Slovenian (Xing)@2.43
1390.5%Samaritians (Behar)+9.5%Morocco_N (Henn)@2.45
1490.3%Samaritians (Behar)+9.7%Algeria (Henn)@2.57
1590.7%Samaritians (Behar)+9.3%Romanians_14 (Behar)@2.58
1690.9%Samaritians (Behar)+9.1%North_African (Dodecad)@2.71
1794.6%Samaritians (Behar)+5.4%Chuvashs_16 (Behar)@2.71
1894.1%Samaritians (Behar)+5.9%German (Dodecad)@2.72
1980.8%Samaritians (Behar)+19.2%Morocco_Jews (Behar)@2.8
2092.4%Samaritians (Behar)+7.6%TUNISIA (Henn)@2.86

The calculator shows that Samaritan mixed with something East European is very close to my grandfather's DNA.  It does not necessarily mean that he has Samaritan and Polish ancestors.  I will be sharing more of these calculations for my grandfather, as well as my grandmother, my father, and myself.  I also have samples from a Palestinian Muslim, a Samaritan, a Lebanese Christian, and many other Palestinian Christians.  The minor differences paint a unique story in the history of the region.

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