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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Geno 2.0 - YSC234 Personal Stories

What we know about my father's direct paternal line, Rishmawi, is that they came from a place called Rishmaya in Lebanon.  From oral history, we believe that Musallam Rishmawi came to Beit Sahour, Palestine in the early 1700s and was adopted into the Ishaq family.  We do not really know if they were native to Lebanon or if they were returning to their homeland in Palestine, but I have strong reasons to believe it is the latter (details coming soon on the Y-dna page).  The specific snp results and the corresponding stories below, show us that this Rishmawi line is not of Ghassanid/Yemenite origin, but the large number of Jews & people from the Caucasus point to an ancient Israelite connection. 

All of these people share the same YSC234 terminal snp as my father does and therefore share a similar ancestry from very, very long ago!  The stories are fascinating and give us a glimpse of where our direct paternal ancestor came from in ancient times.  Be sure to check out the newly completed Paternal Haplogroups page for more information on this topic. 

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